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Anna Rayner — Darkest Of Blue

Frame by Frame Animated Music Video for Anna Rayner's song
A young girl goes through complex emotions, too often, as for her age, and, with the help of music her mother wrote, she accumulates strength in herself to overcome the depressive mood and return to a normal happy life.

Darkest Of Blue is my first frame by frame experience. It's a traditional cell animation drawn in Photoshop and inspired by animation I watch on Vimeo. Thanks to Late Night Work Club, David O'Reilly, Alex Grigg, Victoria Vincent for the huge inspiration.

Thanks again to Alex Grigg for the Photoshop Animation tutorial. Thank you, Anna Rayner for the beautiful song and music.

And huge thanks to Denis Chernysh for help and patience!


And Initial Sketches
darkest of blue, animated music video, storyboard
darkest of blue, sketches
darkest of blue, sketches
darkest of blue, sketches
music video, initial sketches
animated video, initial sketches
frame by frame animation, sketches
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