Oksana Kurmaz Illustrator & Animator

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In a Nutshell
I grew up in the small city of Kramatorsk in Ukraine where I finished art school and decided to be an artist. I received a bachelor's degree of design in Mykolaiv University and started working in game industry, but I quickly realized I'd like to know more about different fields of media art.

Since then I've worked as a freelancer and tried to dig in various areas of art and design, and eventually, I found myself in the world of animation and visual storytelling.

After a couple of successful projects with wonderful people like Elohim and OWSLA, I'm convinced that everything is in its right places. Currently, I'm learning animation, travel, make personal projects and work on animation and illustration commissions with my business and life partner Den.

Articles and Interviews:
billboard.com (en)
bit.ua (ru)
telegraf.design (ukr)

Best Ukrainian Cell Animation - BRUKIVKA International Film Festival (2018)
Best Animation - Open Night (2018)
Best Debut - KROK Animation Festival (2018)
Thematic Program Selection - KLIK! Amsterdam Animation Festival (2018)
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